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"A writhing performance...Harrison Bryan spends much of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” in a state of internalized anxiety. His Christopher Boone chews on his words before spitting them out and carries himself with a kind of stiff restlessness, as if wrapped in an invisible straitjacket...Bryan rummages through Christopher’s psyche to find frequent moments of humor and humanity."

- The Washington Post (full review)

"Bryan inspiring, painfully sensitive performance. Front and center onstage for the entire play, his portrayal is consummate and courageous, sentiment-free and fully committed, for Christopher is always “on,” evidenced by a variety of never-still quirks and fidgeting. Bryan effortlessly shuttles back and forth between outsized agony, sustained curiosity and uninhibited joy in a performance that ultimately feels like an affirmation of life."

- DC Theatre Scene (full review)

"A virtuoso performance...Bryan brings this arresting character to life in a beginning-to-end whirlwind of energy, with constant, often rapid, changes in affect and physicality, along with spot-on comic timing."

- DC Metro (full review)


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"Harrison Bryan is at the forefront here as Princeton as well as Rod, the closeted Republican, utterly sympathetic, and with astounding vocal gymnastics to create distinct characters; he is the driving force...It’s a feat of voice, movement, and facial expressivity to wonderful effect."

- West Michigan's Arts and Entertainment Guide (full review)


"New York actors Harrison Bryan and Cat Greenfield are home with with their hands up a puppet's backside. Bryan's puppeteering acumen add the perfect touch of subtlety and nuance to this over-the-top show." 

- WKR Radio (full review)


"Harrison Bryan, talented puppeteer...was especially impressive in creating two very different sounding voices for Rod and Princeton...always supporting the emotions of (his) puppets so you could look back and forth between the puppets and (his) faces and enjoy new layers of characterization."

- Encore Michigan (full review)


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“Bryan’s performance is worthy of Robin Williams at his peak. He’s riveting in the scenes where Jason argues with Tyrone. When Tyrone’s on a roll, he’s a class-A insult comic. He’s one funny puppet.  Bryan does both voices, of course, and switches characters with blinding speed. He’s also simultaneously manipulating the puppet. (Bryan’s display of dexterity is as fascinating as a circus act. You could throw away story and character, and it’d still be fun to watch.)” - THE OBSERVER


“I know the theater season is still young, but I can’t imagine seeing a better or more convincing performance than the one Harrison Bryan is delivering each night in Florida Studio Theatre’s Stage III production of “Hand to God”.” - THE HERALD TRIBUNE 


“Bryan makes you believe he is this shy, awkward teen ...Yet somehow, he also simultaneously brings Tyrone to a full and very different life. We know it’s just his hand covered in fabric, but Tyrone becomes a fully developed, full-throttle creation on his own. Bryan is playing two vibrant characters at the same time, and while Jason may be physically manipulating Tyrone, it is Tyrone who is controlling the situation.”  - THE HERALD TRIBUNE 


"Harrison Bryan gives a virtuoso performance as Jason/Tyrone. It is a physical and technical performance ...a stunning performance, fully up to the huge challenges.“ - 


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"Harrison Bryan as Boone will leave you speechless. Bryan’s attention to detail and his shockingly raw performance of Boone’s Asperger syndrome is the crux of this Pioneer performance. ...His authentic self-depiction of Boone’s journey fills you with sympathy, excitement and compassion." --

"Harrison Bryan is brilliant as Christopher. The young actor tackles the role with a vengeance and deeply impresses with his sensitive portrayal. " - Broadway World 

"As Christopher, Bryan is magnetic and spellbinding in his vulnerability. He fully embodies the character of an anguished autistic boy, both in physicality and emotional depth. His matter-of-fact attitude and ownership of his condition make him accessible and leaves the audience rooting for him at every turn." - Deseret News Entertainment 

"Harrison Bryan commands our attention. " - Salt Lake Tribune

"New York-based actor Harrison Bryan makes his PTC debut and offers a powerful performance as the play’s central figure. It’s a tough role that would be easy to drop into maudlin stereotype and Bryan walks the right side of the line creating a beautiful character of incredible depth. It must be an exhausting part to play. Christopher is on stage the entire performance and it is a physical, emotionally draining role. Bryan’s performance alone is worth price of admission." - Salt Lake Magazine

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"Harrison Bryan’s Peter undergoes astounding and utterly believable transformation, eliciting genuine emotion that runs the gamut from pity to tears of joy." -- 

"Bryan communicates his growth and change with a building wonder, an ability to break free of his self-imposed cage and his discovery of his own abilities and inner depth." - ENCORE 

REVIEW for BRECHT ON BRECHT (Atlantic Stage 2)

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"Bryan handles the part well, but it's his version of Brecht's murder ballad ("Mac The Knife") that ultimately sears itself into your memory...The unassuming Bryan enunciates each syllable with a deliberateness that essentially forces a fuller appreciation of Brecht’s lurid lyrics. Eventually, though, this haunting vocal restraint gives way to a visceral horror that is absolutely grotesque and mesmerizing."  --


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"Harrison Bryan has created a lovable, charming, geeky misfit who is utterly entrancing. He inhabits the text like comfortable slippers and brings a quirky physicality to the role. He is truly can feel (the) optimism and youthful ambition pouring off the stage."

More Good REVIEWS at the New York International FRINGE Festival!

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"The tension in STILL NOT is present thanks to the great naturalistic dialogue constructed by playwright Harrison Bryan. Bryan also portrays HIM honestly and intelligently, staying subtle when need be and bubbling with over-the-top enthusiasm at just the right moments."


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"Harrison Bryan’s Seymour is masterful and infinitely lovable. His physical comedy is terrific and he captures character nuances with impressive subtlety, never under or over playing the role. "

- Encore Michigan 


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