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“Bryan’s performance is worthy of Robin Williams at his peak. He’s riveting in the scenes where Jason argues with Tyrone. When Tyrone’s on a roll, he’s a class-A insult comic. He’s one funny puppet.  Bryan does both voices, of course, and switches characters with blinding speed. He’s also simultaneously manipulating the puppet. (Bryan’s display of dexterity is as fascinating as a circus act. You could throw away story and character, and it’d still be fun to watch.)” - THE OBSERVER


“I know the theater season is still young, but I can’t imagine seeing a better or more convincing performance than the one Harrison Bryan is delivering each night in Florida Studio Theatre’s Stage III production of “Hand to God”.” - THE HERALD TRIBUNE 


“Bryan makes you believe he is this shy, awkward teen ...Yet somehow, he also simultaneously brings Tyrone to a full and very different life. We know it’s just his hand covered in fabric, but Tyrone becomes a fully developed, full-throttle creation on his own. Bryan is playing two vibrant characters at the same time, and while Jason may be physically manipulating Tyrone, it is Tyrone who is controlling the situation.”  - THE HERALD TRIBUNE 


"Harrison Bryan gives a virtuoso performance as Jason/Tyrone. It is a physical and technical performance ...a stunning performance, fully up to the huge challenges.“ - 

REVIEWS for Regional Premiere of "Curious Incident"

"Harrison Bryan as Boone will leave you speechless. Bryan’s attention to detail and his shockingly raw performance of Boone’s Asperger syndrome is the crux of this Pioneer performance. ...His authentic self-depiction of Boone’s journey fills you with sympathy, excitement and compassion." --

"Harrison Bryan is brilliant as Christopher. The young actor tackles the role with a vengeance and deeply impresses with his sensitive portrayal. " - Broadway World 

"As Christopher, Bryan is magnetic and spellbinding in his vulnerability. He fully embodies the character of an anguished autistic boy, both in physicality and emotional depth. His matter-of-fact attitude and ownership of his condition make him accessible and leaves the audience rooting for him at every turn." - Deseret News Entertainment 

"Harrison Bryan commands our attention. " - Salt Lake Tribune

"New York-based actor Harrison Bryan makes his PTC debut and offers a powerful performance as the play’s central figure. It’s a tough role that would be easy to drop into maudlin stereotype and Bryan walks the right side of the line creating a beautiful character of incredible depth. It must be an exhausting part to play. Christopher is on stage the entire performance and it is a physical, emotionally draining role. Bryan’s performance alone is worth price of admission." - Salt Lake Magazine

CAST: "Avenue Q" at Farmers Alley!

Playing PRINCETON and ROD, Harrison will return to Kalamazoo, MI, for Farmer Alleys Theatre's, AVENUE Q. 


Harrison will lead the cast of HAND TO GOD - playing JASON, and his possessed sock puppet, TYRONE! Opening Jan. 18 at Florida Studio Theatre! For more - Click Here!  -- And for a behind the scene article! CLICK HERE! 

CAST: Co-Star on HBO's "THE DEUCE"

Appearing opposite JAMES FRANCO, Harrison will be seen in a co-star role on HBO's "The Deuce"! 

AWARD WINNER: BWW Regional "Best Actor in a Play"

Harrison Bryan has WON  The 2017 Broadway World Regional Award for "BEST ACTOR IN A PLAY" for his performance as Christopher Boone in the regional premiere of "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Timeat Pioneer Theatre in Salt Lake City, The play also won "Best Lighting Designer" and "BEST PLAY" !

REVIEWS: Off-Broadway @ Atlantic Stage 2: "Brecht on Brecht"

"Then comes the incomparable Harrison Bryan - and what he has done with “Mack the Knife” is a staggering work of genius that rattles the bones. Unforgettable." -- ONE Magazine

"...the unassuming Bryan enunciates each syllable with a deliberateness that essentially forces a fuller appreciation of Brecht’s lurid lyrics...Eventually, though, this haunting vocal restraint gives way to a visceral horror that is absolutely grotesque and mesmerizing." --


As part of Off-Broadway's Cherry Lane Theatre's "Mentor Project," PATRON OF THE ARTS (March 1 – 10) by Kate Cortesi, mentored by Anne Washburn, will feature Harrison Bryan in the lead role of Gabe, a high school drug dealer, who does a drop off at a new address, where he’s unexpectedly reunited with the father of his childhood best friend. 

For more information about this new Off-Broadway Play's Limited Engagement at THE CHERRY LANE THEATRE! - CLICK HERE. 


CAST: Workshop Original Musical (With Puppets!)

Harrison's Puppeteering will be on full display in this AEA Showcase production of a revamped 2014 NYMF hit! All proceeds for the event are going to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue!

For tickets and more information: 


More Good Reviews at the New York International FRINGE Festival!

"The tension in STILL NOT is present thanks to the great naturalistic dialogue constructed by playwright Harrison Bryan. Bryan also portrays HIM honestly and intelligently, staying subtle when need be and bubbling with over-the-top enthusiasm at just the right moments."

CAST: "JACK" in "Lord of the Flies" at Nebraska Rep.

Harrison Bryan will play JACK in this exciting stage adaptation of one of the greatest novels ever written. The play runs in April at Nebraska Rep. and will be directed by Kevin Rich (Illinois Shakespeare). Click: For more info! 

SIGNED with "The Hybrid Agency"

Harrison is excited to announce NEW REPRESENTATION. Signing with Rikky Fishbein, of THE HYRBRID AGENCY, Harrison looks forward to collaborating on many more Theatre/TV/Film projects with one of NYC's top boutique legit agencies. 

"Harrison Bryan’s Peter undergoes astounding and utterly believable transformation, eliciting genuine emotion that runs the gamut from pity to tears of joy." -- 

"Bryan communicates his growth and change with a building wonder, an ability to break free of his self-imposed cage and his discovery of his own abilities and inner depth." - ENCORE 


"Harrison Bryan has created a lovable, charming, geeky misfit who is utterly entrancing. He inhabits the text like comfortable slippers and brings a quirky physicality to the role. He is truly can feel (the) optimism and youthful ambition pouring off the stage."

Great Rewiew for Little Shop of Horrors!

"Harrison Bryan’s Seymour is masterful and infinitely lovable. His physical comedy is terrific and he captures character nuances with impressive subtlety, never under or over playing the role. "

- Encore Michigan 


Original One Acts @ IRISH REP

Playthings Theatre Company is producing a reading of some of Harrison's most wacky short plays! On the mainstage of IRISH REP - some of NYC's most eclectic actors gather to bring some of Harrison's most wild characters to life. For more CLICK HERE! 

Dramatist Guild Fund's STAGED READING of Harrison's New Play, "SNOW"

WEST OF 10th Theatre Company's New Play Initiative has selected Harrison Bryan's new play, "SNOW" - as a part of their New Play Reading Series! The play will be read for the first time to the public on OCTOBER 11th, 7pm, at the Dramatist Guild Fund's Music Hall in New York City! Tickets must be reserved in advance - HERE! 

CAST: CHRISTOPHER in Regional Premiere at Pioneer Theatre Co.

The Regional Premiere of the 2015 Tony Award winner for Best Play will be in Salt Lake City, Sept. 2017, at the prestigious Pioneer Theatre Company. Harrison will play the lead role of Christopher in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". For more info: HERE

CAST: PETER in "Peter and the Starcatcher"

Farmers Alley Theatre is closing out their 2017 season with The Tony Award Winning Hit, PETER AND THE STARCATCHER.  Playing the title role of Peter, Harrison will be in West Michigan this summer. For tickets: CLICK HERE! 

54 BELOW DEBUT - March 23, 7pm!

Harrison makes his 54 BELOW Debut as a soloist in the upcoming "FUTUREFEST" - showcasing an evening of new musical theatre and up-and-coming stars and artists. Reserve your tickets today!

Reckless Theatre Presents Harrison Bryan's PILOT EPISODE of "The Morning Host Show"

Written, Directed, and Produced by Harrison Bryan, THE MORNING HOST SHOW will premiere at Reckless Theatre Company APRIL 1st, 10:30pm! Puppetry, Singing, Magic, Insanity, and Comedy! For More INFO! Click HERE

Featuring Mark Lotito (Jersey Boys), Valerie Wright, (Tuck Everlasting), & Bill Buell, (Rancho Viejo - Playwrights Horizons), & Michael Bernardi, (Fiddler on the Roof), Harrison joins a reading of a new play by James Trivers. It's a farce, it's a satire, it's gonna be nuts.  

CAST: "The Boy In The Painting" with The Playthings Theatre Co.

Oct. 2016: The Boy in the Painting is receiving its NYC debut at The TheatreLab! Three Performances Only! October 5, 6, 7 (8pm). Produced by The Playthings Theatre Company, this fantastic new play uses the poetry of William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde to tell the stirring story which revolves around "the true secret" of Shakespeare's Sonnets. More info to come! 

NYC International Fringe Festival!

Harrison's new play, STILL NOT, will be performed at the 2016 New York International Fringe Festival! This is the festival's 20th Anniversary and performances are in August! The play has also received special honors by being selected for online publishing as a part of INDIE THEATRE NOW's 2016 FringeNYC Collection. More info to come! 

Jihadi Street - A Seseme Street Parody/Satire

An NYU Thesis Film, rewarded Harrison with the opportunity to bring his puppetry to the big screen. Voicing and manipulating several puppets in the short film, this controversial satire certainly challenges the conventions of "children's entertainment" -  and brings to life a scary world where ISIS uses puppets to promote their extremist agenda. 

New Short Play Selected for Festival

Harrison was selected as a featured playwright for Ugly Rhino Productions' monthly one-act festival. His NEWEST Play, THE MORNING HOST SHOW, will be presented at The Littlefield Theatre in Brooklyn, NY as a part of TINY RHINO - A Live Theatre Drinking Game Experience. For more information on UGLY RHINO check out their official website HERE.

BMI Smoker Concert Singer!

Every year BMI, (Broadway Musiscal Inc.), hosts it's "BMI Smoker" - which is a concert comprised of the strongest new songs presented in the BMI Workshop that year. On March 9th, Harrison will sing one of those selected songs - one he sang last year, composed by Mr. Andy Roninson. 

Broadway Comedy Club Debut!

Alongside Magician/Comedian Evan Gambardella ("Evan Presto"), Harrison devised a clown routine in modern-vaudeville style which premiered at the esteemed Broadway Comedy Club this past week! Clowns were killed with laughter!    

World Premiere of His NEW Play!

Selected as part of The 2016 Venus/Adnois Theatre Festival, Harrison's new play, STILL NOT, will receive a full staged production for three performances in March! March 3, 5, 6, at The Hudson Guild Theatre - Off Off Broadway!  


Nominated Short Film Released!

SEAMLESS LOVE, a short film by Danielle Orbach, has been nominated and selected for several short film festivals around the country! Released on Valentine's Day, WATCH IT ONLINE NOW! Nothing says Valentine's Day more than forgetting your girlfriend's Seamless order! 

Harrison's Christmas Comedy Miracle!

With the help of his company, Business Lunch Productions, Harrison produced and starred in this years' Christmas Sketch! - It recieved a notable write-up in this popular online comedy blog.:  READ IT HERE!


Short Films Comin Right Up!

All filmed in New York City, over the past several weeks, Harrison will be featured in several independently produced short films. Get ready, some of them are pretty wacky...Some will be posted here when they are released.


Or! You can come see the Award-Nominated Short Film "Seamless Love" screening at THE SET in NYC. For more information on the live screening, visit: Their official facebook page! (HERE)



Original Music at The Hoover Dam!

The Hoover Dam Collective is presenting a show at The Living Room in Brooklyn, NY on July 5th! Harrison, will be among several artists, performing Andy Roninson's orginal music. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


Andy Roninson is a NYC composer, and skilled pianist, a current member of BMI, and

the creator/host/executive producer of the new hit podcast TAKE A TEN. 

For more on Andy Roninson check out: HIS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

CAST: Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors!

Officially cast as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors at The Farmers Alley Theatre! This regional theatre, in Kalamzoo, MI, will run Menkin and Ashman's classic cult dark musical comedy for four weeks from September to October. For more on ticket sales and other information, please visit their official website Here !

Devising/Workshopping A New Musical!

For the past 2 weeks, Harrison has been workshopping/devising a new musical by Jonathan Brenner and Mia Capotorto Sommese - and if you've ever felt trapped in a zoo with strangers, you'll relate. It's being produced by BABY CROW PRODUCTIONS under an Equity Showcase Code - ALL the info you'll need is on this indigogo link...( HERE )


- MOST AWESOMELY - Baby Crow Productions will donate a portion of your ticket donations to ‪‎Wild Animal Sanctuary‬ - an established charity organization that saves abused and hurt wild animals from cruel captivity. ( ) 


Launched YouTube Sketch Channel!

Officially Launched Business Lunch Productions' Sketch Comedy Page!


Harrison, along with several other members of his company, will be writing, producing, and acting in several short films, sketch comedies over the course of the year. 


Enjoy this first one HERE - and Please Share! (more to come!)



Harrison ended 2014 in the Lower East Side, at the Laughing Buddha Comedy Club - doing stand up comedy...and he survived.


Stay posted, he may be getting his feet wet with some more stand up in the future!


...2015...bring it.

On Tour With TheatreWorksUSA!

Starting Jan 7th, 2015, Harrison will be touring with THEATREWORKS USA! He will be playing many fun roles in their newest musical revue: "Fly Guy - And Other Stories!" It is a compilation of musicalized adaptations of some of today's most well known children's books. Written by some of the best contemporary musical theatre composers and lyricists today, including Bobby Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Pasek & Paul, Lutvak & Freedman, David Kirsenbaum, Eli Bolin, and Kevin Del Aguila. Directed by Alter Boyz creator, Kevin Del Aguila, the show only rehearses for about two weeks in NYC, before embarking on an ambitious six month tour around the  east coast, mid-west, and even Canada!  


For more info about the world's most successful, lognest-running, equity sanctioned children's musical touring company check out their official website:

Nominated: Best Supporting Actor

This year at The Vermont Theatre Awards, Harrison was Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for his performance as Patsy in Monty Python's Spamalot at the New London Barn Playhouse. However, upon further review, the nomination pannel discovered that Harrison's performance took place OUT of Vermont, (for New London is actually in New Hampshire), and therefore became ineligeable for the award - though, he retained the honor of being nominated out of state. business. 


Produced by Gorilla Airplane, "The Not-So-Wright Brothers," is a historical and literary farce deconstructing the stories of the Wright brothers and the classic novel, Charlotte's Web. It is a comedy about two brothers who must learn to become their own men and spread their wings beyond the nest, despite their father's wishes. Very fun - will be released at the SVA film festival in April in NYC.

Assassins Opens With A Bang!


... and is already recieving encouraging reviews. 





CAST: Patsy in Spamalot!

Officially cast as Patsy in Monty Python's Spamalot at The New London Barn Playhouse. The New London Barn Playhouse is the oldest established - continued running - regional theatre in all of New England. 


After four years of intensive conservatory training, Harrison finally received his BFA Acting Degree from Boston University's College of Fine Arts. He graduated with honors and a clown nose on his cap.


He would like to Thank his professors, directors, family members, artistic and academic collaborators, and of course, the class of 2014. 



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